Providing dairy products for delicious foods and good health.

Food is a necessity for a healthy life, and deliciousness is an essential element of food.
We harness the natural deliciousness of milk, and we provide it along with peace of mind to our customers.
This is the mission of Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd.

The Omu Approach to Production

At Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd. the quality and freshness of raw milk are our top priorities.
To maintain this promise, we spare no effort in the production process.

Our plant is located very close to the dairy farms from which we source raw milk directly.
This allows us to procure the freshest possible raw milk at any given time.
The farms we work with are small-scale, which allows the farmers to closely monitor each cow.
The quality of the milk produced by these carefully raised cows is unparalleled.
This freshness and quality is carefully processed to make our products.

The most important point in the production process is heat management.
Because we are not in the business of mass production, we can define very particular conditions for production.
Although it may not be very efficient, we produce in small batches to ensure that quality is always given the highest priority.

Given our proximity to the freshest raw milk and our small plant size, we use raw milk and the fresh cream that separates out from the milk to create high quality products for our customers.
This is the Omu approach to production.

About Our Logo

The color blue represents health.

We aim to contribute to people’s health and ensure our employees are healthy and fulfilled.

The wave shape represents change.

We aim to evolve and grow so we can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment and changes in our customers’ needs.

The two interlocking waves represent harmony.

We value dialogue with our customers and promote dialogue among our employees, and together we pave the way to the future.

Our Values

  1. (1) Safety, quality, and the environment
  2. (2) Working for people
  3. (3) Change and innovation
  4. (4) Speed and timing