The cream chosen by professionals

Professionals throughout Japan and around the globe choose our products, which is made from the high quality kyushu-made fresh raw milk based on years of experience and expertise.

Customer Testimonials


Shops where you can enjoy delicious cakes made with Pure Cream

We are proud that many professionals choose Omu’s Pure Cream.
The following is a list of shops where you can enjoy delicious cakes made with our Pure Cream.


Restaurant that Use our
Dairy Products

The following is a list of restaurant that use our
dairy products such as Creme pour Soigner,
Omu Mascarpone and Fromage Blanc.


Shuzo Kishida:
Why I Use Creme pour Soigner

Shuzo Kishida, the owner-chef of Tokyo-based French restaurant Quintessence, a multiple recipient of three Michelin stars, discusses why he chooses Creme pour Soigner.

Using Creme pour Soigner, we asked him to make three dishes: a chilled blanquette de veau, an exquisite gratin dauphinois, and bostock aux noisettes. On the Creme pour Soigner page, you can also see these dishes, which Chef Kishida discussed at a seminar in 2016, along with a video of his visit to Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd. and dairy farm.


Shops that Use our Products (overseas)