Company History

1934: Omuta Milk Products Co., Ltd. established by the late Kasaku Nagatoshi and 13 other dairy farmers who produced and sold milk in and around the cities of Omuta and Arao
1951: Began selling pasteurized homogeneous milk in wide-mouth bottles
1958: Began supplying milk for school lunches
1959: Opened new plant and office in the Ichinoura-machi district of Omuta.
1965: Company name changed to Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd.
1971: Began full-scale production and sales of fresh cream; expanded sales into the metropolitan Fukuoka area
1979: Established a “clean pack” system that guarantees freshness of cream for 20 days;
expanded sales nationwide
Began selling Pure Cream
1980: Began supplying milk for mass retailer store brands
1984: Celebrated 50th anniversary; changed our long-standing logo as part of a new corporate identity
1987: Adopted an ultrafiltration system; began producing natural cheese
1995: Opened Kanto plant; increased fresh cream sales in the metropolitan Tokyo area
1998: Relocated Ichinoura-machi Plant to current location repositioned the company as a professional-use dairy products provider
1999: Obtained HACCP certification
2005: Obtained ISO14001 certification
2007: Obtained ISO9001 certification
2012: Joined the Fuji Oil Group with a 100% transfer of shares to Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
2013: Reorganized production lines to expand production of fresh cream and cheese
2014: Celebrated 80th anniversary
2016: Began selling Creme pour Soigner